Dermaray UV Bulb Philips TL01

1x 2 element replacement globe for Dermaray UV. UVB narrow band 311-nm is supplied standard, but UVA and Wide Band UVB are also available at the same price, please specify in the comment for your order.

This product is only suitable ONLY for Dermaray UV, and will not work in any other unit. This bulb is NOT suitable for Dermalight 80, Handisol or Dermapal. Using this item in any device other than Dermaray UV will damage the bulb and possibly the phototherapy wand.

If ordered separately this item is sent by certified airmail.


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Printed Dermaray UV Manual
Printed Dermaray UV Manual
Dermaray UV replacement comb
Dermaray UV replacement comb
Printed Dermaray UV Manual
Printed Dermaray UV Manual
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